KOKOON Client Highlight ~ Jessica Caire

I'm so pleased to introduce you to Jessica Caire! Currently living Maplewood, Minnesota, KOKOON met Jessica as our local FedEx representative -- and now, Jessica is a fabulous friend of and supporter of KOKOON! Read our interview with Jessica below.

K: Hi Jessica! Thanks for chatting with me. What are your hobbies, interests, favorite activities…? 

JC: I love my basset hound, my handsome fiancé, shopping, catching up with friends over wine, working out, apps, beer, new restaurants, games, gambling, fancy steak dinners, more working out (grrrrr)…

K: Why did you decide to get involved with KOKOON and host a show?

JC:  After seeing the beautiful clothes, I wanted to share my enthusiasm with my friends and co workers!

K: Thank you! That's so nice to hear. Do you have a KOKOON item you can’t live without?

JC: I love my fury white vest!

K: We love that one, too! What is your most favorite part of the day?   

JC: Anytime I’m caffeinated!

K: Best or worst fashion item ever bought? 

JC:  Worst: The baby doll shirt/dress that just made me look pregnant...

K: That's never the most flattering look...! If you could have one celebrity’s wardrobe/stylist it would be… 

JC: It would be a mix of Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba and J Lo!

K: Why do you KOKOON? 

JC: I love the unique style they create and I have a passion for supporting local companies.

K: If you could describe your personal style in 3 words...    

JC: Current, classy and contemporary.

K: A trend this season that you could live without? 

JC: Skinny jeans…  They don’t flatter my bootie… haha.

K:  We think you look fabulous in your skinny jeans! Who is your fashion idol? 

JC: J Lo because she has helped bring a woman with a butt to the main stage!

K: Lace or sequins? Leopard print or fur? Blue or Brown? Flats or heels?

LC: All of the above, but always with heels!


Thank you, Jessica! 

We had such a wonderful time learning all about Jessica, her style, and why she loves KOKOON as much as we love her.

And to learn more about KOKOON…shopping, hosting, or building a fashion career, go to our website or email tess@kokoon.net.