What To Wear Wednesday

This is my FAVORITE top of the season ~ The Tempest Tee.
I love the varying ribbed textures in the fabric, but I'm absolutely smitten with the slashed-sleeve detail. Its not often you find a sexy tee that's also warm (extra points!). I'm even further in love when this top is paired with the Verona Skirt, which is the perfect balance of sexy and sweet.

You can definitely wear either piece with many options in your closet to create different looks. I would also throw on a down vest over this top to show off the sleeves and still be warm enough for all my casual daytime commitments. 
Both the top and skirt are available in limited quantities online at KOKOON, or thru a KOKOON Stylist. 

Please forgive the shameless plug!


Laine Sou

Maxi-ed Out

My favorite part about Spring & Summer? Maxi dresses.

They are the most comfortable, stylish, throw on piece out there. And our Jolie Maxi is quite perfect for any occasion. 


Alex Evjen over at AVE Styles styled 3 KOKOON dresses for 5 looks total. You can see how she styled our Sienna Dress and our Rick Rack Dress as well as our Jolie Maxi below!

Thank you so much to Alex Ejven for spending her maternity days in the comfort of KOKOON and looking so fabulous while doing it! You can see all of her posts about KOKOON at her blog, but we recommend checking out her blog anyway -- she has great posts about styling, trends, giveaways and more!

Rick Rack is Back!

Our Rick Rack dress is becoming a new staple in our client's wardrobes! 

This simple shift dress gets a textural upgrade & the scooped back is a little sexy yet still bra-friendly. 

The amazing Stylist and Blogger, Alex Evjen over at AVE Styles, styled our Rick Rack dress for two day's worth of looks with her adorable baby bump.

You can see her whole post here! Alex will be styling one more KOKOON dress to show how to rock 3 dresses, 5 ways in all! Stay tuned!

Seeing Sienna (dress)

This. Dress.

It is feminine, sporty, casual yet dress-up-able. It's... well... see for yourself.

So cute... right?

The fabulous Stylist and Blogger, Alex Evjen over at AVE Styles, styled this dress adorably with her new little baby bump.

You can see her whole post here! Alex will also be styling two more KOKOON dresses! Keep an eye out :)

Want the look? Go to our site! 

Get Dressed...Bright & Bold!

Coral and Cobalt... the bright & bold combination of the season!

Our Hampton Day Dress in Cobalt Lightning is the perfect pop of color in your wardrobe for Spring into Summer! Pair with coral accessories and voila! Insta-chic.


Get Dressed...Transition into Spring!

The 'Going My Way' Pullover is that perfect top you didn't know you were missing. 

Cozy fabric, flattering body & thumb holes!

The perfect transitional piece for layering in Spring and the ultimate pullover for Summer nights!


Transition into Spring

1. KOKOON's Going My Way pullover in Red Tint

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KOKOON Stylist Highlight -- Lauren Rabin

Meet Lauren Rabin — our incredible Stylist from the Chicago area!

Lauren in KOKOON with her lovely family!

Lauren grew up in Highland Park  — the suburb of Chicago — and currently resides there with her family. We interviewed Lauren to  find out her “must-haves”, her “go-to’s”, and her fashion do’s and don’ts. Read below for our full interview with our fabulous Stylist, Lauren Rabin!

KOKOON: How you were introduced to KOKOON?

LAUREN: I used to represent another line and when that company pulled out of direct sales I emailed my customers to let them know. I had built up a huge client list and I heard back from one of them telling me to “check out KOKOON!” I was like “this is totally my style, I love this line.” I called the KOKOON headquarters soon after and talked to both of the owners that first day! I loved what I saw online but I wanted to see the clothes in person before I made a decision so I went to a local show.  I took some time looking over the collection and decided to signed on, and that was over 5 years ago!

KOKOON: Favorite hobbies, activities …etc…

LAUREN: Tennis! I’m a big tennis player; I like to play multiple times a week. And we love our dog! Our Family dog is a therapy dog.

KOKOON: One KOKOON piece you can never live without?

LAUREN: The camis for sure. And the slips! The Farrah wrap dress has SAVED me multiple times. It is a classic style that you can wear anywhere.

Lauren in a KOKOON Wrap dress looking amazing!

Lauren in a KOKOON Wrap dress looking amazing!

KOKOON: If you had to describe your own personal style in 3 words…

LAUREN: Relaxed, Simple, and Fun

KOKOON: Best part about being a Stylist for KOKOON? What have you gained since starting with KOKOON (besides super cute clothes)?

LAUREN: Besides a new wardrobe? Well, the clothes are a huge value. This is my ninth season — I still wear the clothes I bought the 1st season! I really love spending my time with a bunch of lovely women. I am a social person so the social aspect is great. Many of my customers are intimidated by the shopping experience at stores, so I really like helping women choose clothes and help them feel really good in the designs.


KOKOON: Why KOKOON versus other direct sales?

LAUREN: You know, I love KOKOON — it fits my personal style. It is really easy to be a Stylist because it fits me. The price point is great and people love it! It is really easy to wear. I lot of women are intimated by boutique sizes too and KOKOON is just sized really well. My customers consist of  a wide range of women – I have a huge demographic — 30’s – 70’s — and it flatters every women’s figure!

KOKOON: What is your go-to outfit?

LAUREN: For me, I am a jeans girl with a heel! Jeans and a cute top.

KOKOON: What is your first “fashion” memory?

LAUREN: My mom — I grew up in the 70’s  and things were very bohemian, flowy. I remember trying on all her long hippy jewelry and dresses.

KOKOON: Worst fashion item ever bought? Best?

LAUREN: Worst — When I was in high school, I bought these Big Star big baggy jeans! Totally not flattering to my figure. They were the worst thing I’ve ever worn and I wore them a lot. That taught me at an early age that you need to dress for your own figure.

Best — My KOKOON Racer Back ruffle dress; it is the greatest dress! I’ve sold so many of them! I bought the blue, then the black, then the pearl because I loved them so much!

We had so much fun chatting with Lauren and learning all about her personal style and KOKOON journey!

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a KOKOON Stylist like Lauren, you can email us at tess@kokoon.net or go to our website.

To see the clothes in person in the Chicago area, email Lauren at laurenrabin1@comcast.net.


Tess Weinberg

Get Dressed...Evening Elegance!

There was a time when beautiful laces were manufactured in the US, and when I would go to New York to visit my fabric vendors, they would place calls to their factories in the Catskills to check on quantities for me. That was a long time ago. One by one, they went out of business and their intricate machinery was auctioned off and sent mostly to China. 

I have just a handful of these high quality laces left in the studio, and I don't part with them easily. I am attached.

So, when I wanted the perfect dress in which to celebrate my 50th birthday, I decided it was time to cut some of it up. 

This is the Black Widow Baby dress, and there was only enough lace to make about 25 units, so we made it a cut-to-order only piece. There's only enough lace to make a few more, and at $247, it is a downright steal, if I do say so myself.




Evening Elegance

1. Black Widow Baby Dress

2 | 3 | 4 

The dress has kind of taken on a life of its own.

After our beautiful model wore it at the photo shoot, I lent it to her the next day for her engagement photos. Along with the shoes posted above! If you ever need an absolute dream of a model, you should hire her!


I lent it to my assistant for a wedding. 

I lent it to fashion author Fawn Cheng for her book launch.


Fawn Cheng Laine Sou Weinberg - got so many "Wowzers" on the dress...thanks again. Someone said: It's the perfect dress for any occasion, a wedding, dinner, cocktails, travel, business...I kept thinking to myself she should make a commercial for the dress. She's right though, you hit a homer with this one. And it's comfy too!

I couldn't have said it better myself!




KOKOON Representative Highlight -- Tammy Rohde

Tammy Rohde — KOKOON’s 2013/2014 top selling Representative, grew up in Cheyenne, WY and currently resides in Phoenix, AZ with her family. We interviewed Tammy to find out her “must-haves”, her “go-to’s”, and her fashion do’s and don’ts. Read below for our full interview with our all-star Representative, Tammy Rohde!

Tammy and her lovely family!

Tammy and her lovely family!

KOKOON: How you were introduced to KOKOON?

TAMMY: So… it is interesting thinking back on it. Found it online – I wasn’t searching for direct sales, I was searching for cute clothes. I came across KOKOON dresses somehow. I was kind of looking for a new opportunity but wasn’t thinking direct sales. So I ordered KOKOON — 3 dresses — and I loved them! It all happened really quickly – I talked to Laine (KOKOON’s designer) a few days later.

Tammy in a KOKOON dress with her husband.

Tammy in a KOKOON dress with her husband.

KOKOON:What are your favorite hobbies, activities …etc..?.

TAMMY:Tennis, Yoga, Hiking, Skiing, and Reading – and being a Mom.

KOKOON:One KOKOON piece you can never live without?

TAMMY: I have so many — the cami’s and ultra tees. And this winter, the kanga poncho! A great AZ piece – you never need a coat but you need a sweater.

KOKOON: If you had to describe your own personal style in 3 words…

TAMMY: stylishly casual, and fun

KOKOON: Best part about repping KOKOON? What have you gained since repping KOKOON (besides super cute clothes)?

TAMMY: The cute clothes are a huge positive. But I would say, I think what it did for me was it gave me more confidence in my style. After having 3 babies, you get stuck in “mommyville” and it brought me out of that. It made me stylish again and made me want to care about what I was wearing. It gave me a fun way to do that. And it has given me a great chance to meet some wonderful women and people. But I think the biggest thing is that it has given me more confidence in my style.

KOKOON: Who is your fashion idol? Why?

TAMMY: Currently, Heidi Klum but growing up Cindy Crawford. But I think my mom (was my fashion idol) in a way, she was a very stylish lady and that had a huge impact on me.

Tammy, mid 1980’s in Italian Vogue with Cindy Crawford…Tammy was Cheyenne’s Miss Frontier Days! Note the multiple hair scrunchies in the side pony ;-)

KOKOON: Why KOKOON versus other direct sales?

TAMMY: I would say that I had never been interested in direct sales, so I would say that I never even considered a direct sales company. I only sell KOKOON because I love it and I live it. I wear it everyday. There is no way I could sell anything I didn’t love. It is a part of me now. There is not one thing I would consider selling besides KOKOON.

KOKOON: What is your go-to outfit?

TAMMY: Cowboy boots, skinny jeans, and a cute KOKOON sweater.

KOKOON: What is your first “fashion” memory?

TAMMY: I have a few! One that really stands out – I was like 6 years old and I really wanted a pink satin jacket and I bought it with my own money because I wanted it so bad. I had the pants and the jacket.

KOKOON: Worst fashion item ever bought? Best?

TAMMY: The worst – when I was in college, I had those short shorts with the greek letters on the a$$ — I didn’t have the butt for those. Those shorts combined with my t-shirts with my own shoulder pads I would put in them were the worst.

The best – I know! My KOKOON “Audrey” furry sweatshirt. I wear that all the time! It is my go-to statement piece. I get so many compliments.


Tammy in her KOKOON “Audrey” sweatshirt with her family.

Tammy in her KOKOON “Audrey” sweatshirt with her family.

We had so much fun catching up with Tammy and learning all about her passions and stylish fashion!

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a Representative of KOKOON like Tammy, you can email us at tess@kokoon.net or go to our website.

To see the clothes in person in the Phoenix area, email Tammy at kokoontam@comcast.net



Tess Weinberg

Get Dressed...Rain or Shine!

I love this dress. I love this dress. I love this dress. 

My favorite quality about a new outfit or item of clothing is versatility. This great little number -- our Nolita Dress --  is perfect for that transitional time from rain to shine. Wear with booties and your favorite spring jacket and then throw on some sandals and shades for those warmers months. The modest drop back detail is the perfect lady-like touch to show a little skin!


Rain or Shine

1. Nolita Dress in Au Lait

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Welcome! And a look Behind the Seams

Welcome to the home of our brand new blog! (You can still visit our former posts  here.)

Since we just launched our Spring 2015 collection, I thought a look behind the seams at our spring photo shoot would be a great way to kickoff our new beginning.

I'm really in love with these images, and part of my attachment is because we were able to do the entire shoot in our newly-built home. The whole journey of building a home is something I had wanted to share with you, but we really had issues and I never felt I could post publicly. It's a long story and I will tell you about it someday, a well as go back and walk you through the design of it, but for today I'll keep it about the making of the pretty pictures. ;-)


If you don't already know, this is my favorite dress of all time. The Black Widow Baby. Super limited, cut to order only, and it's my 50th Birthday Dress...so lovely.

My part in photo shoots involves a lot of fussing and tugging and getting my backside shot as our photographer tests her settings.


Our photographer, our amazing photographer...I love her so much. 
You should hire her. Melissa Louise Photography.
We actually met her about 6 years ago when she did Tess' senior photos. We were so impressed Dik-San said we need to hire her for our company. And she still does senior photos!
Our model hired her the next day for her engagement photos :-)



Laine Sou