Motivation Monday ~ Fear is Underrated

One of our former business partners (now passed away) once told me that fear was his biggest motivator. Not money, not success...Fear. He said it jokingly, but he meant it. 
And this was from a highly successful person. Someone who started as a teacher, he left because he was afraid he couldn't earn enough money to support his wife and growing family. He took a sales job with a very large national company and rose through the ranks to eventually become CEO. 

That has always stayed with me, not just because of what he said, but because he said it out loud and the fact that a highly successful person would admit that they were scared was a revelation. I have to admit that fear has always been one of my biggest motivators...fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, fear of letting people down.  And I think that's true for many people, so you could say fear helps move you towards accomplishing your goals, and that's not a bad thing at all. 

Last week some of our (amazing) sales reps shared some of their own tips and best practices for social media, including utilizing videos. But video is scary to just about everyone. 
And one key piece of advice that really resonated was, "Do It Scared."
Waiting until your comfort zone catches up with you just isn't a winning strategy. 

Last week I tried my own Live FB Video. It was just a product information slash training video for our sales reps who weren't able to join us at our New Orleans sales meeting, but the idea of doing it terrified me. 
Who was it that said, "there's nothing to fear but fear itself"? I always thought that was a dumb saying...there's plenty of valid reasons to be scared. But, often the idea of doing something really is scarier than just doing it.
So, I did it and it went fine.

And then it became the whole Give a Mouse a Cookie the reps want product info videos to share with clients. 
So, guess what? Now we're doing product info videos. 
Here's the first one. Talk about scary.
And it would be ever so nice if I could figure out how to change the stop frame for the video. 
Anyway, if you could give us a thumbs up on You Tube that would be nice.


Laine Sou