Motivation Monday

What is your 'I AM'?

Most people I know respond like so:

I AM (their name) Laine Sou.
I AM (their profession) a fashion designer.
I AM (their identity) a wife and mother. 
I AM (their hobbies and interests) a tennis player, a foodie, a rookie gardener.
I AM (their qualities) creative, social, intuitive. 

But when our list is exhausted, those I AM's can become less than kind. 

Today, reinforce your inner spirit with some I AM boosters.
We are what we tell ourselves, and we tell ourselves what we will accept from ourselves.

I'm going to start with trying to break a fear cycle around my seasonal deadlines.

So today, I AM ~ not a procrastinator. 
                   I AM ~ accomplishing 4 new styles for production this week.
                   I AM ~ feeling confident about my ability to meet my deadlines for fall.

What is your I AM today?