Customer Highlight: Pamela Clark

To help celebrate #Smallbusinesssaturday this week, KOKOON is shining a spotlight on our community of clients and sales reps who walk the walk of being a small business owner!

Get to know KOKOON stylist Ann O'Neal's client Pamela Clark of Raleigh, North Carolina!

Pamela is a personal and and team building cooking coach. She inspires her clients to to "let their tastebuds explore to gain confidence and harmony in the kitchen," she said.

Her culinary journey began with her studying Foods & Nutrition Education at Virginia Tech. In 2005 she launched "The Thyme Savor", Raleigh based cooking and culinary classes. Pamela is also a professional recipe developer and has contributed to various publications.

Pamela is described as personable, creative, energetically focused, and patient. She is one chef who shares to inspire.

You can find "The Thyme Savor" at, on Facebook at, and on Instagram