Customer Highlight: Ann O'Neal

To help celebrate #Smallbusinesssaturday this week, KOKOON is shining a spotlight on our community of clients and sales reps who walk the walk of being a small business owner!

Get to know KOKOON stylist Ann O'Neal of Raleigh, North Carolina!

It has been 10 years since Ann took a crazy chance to do something she had never done before and that is to sell women's clothing.

"I do not consider myself a girly girl, and wearing cute clothes and fixing my hair was not really what I was very good at," Ann said.

Ann loves KOKOON because the clothes are made in U.S. and she believes it's important to support the local economy. In addition, she loves that the clothes aren't mass produced because customers know they are wearing something special and unique.

"These clothes absolutely do fit all ages, shapes, sizes, and personalities. I've sold to girls as young as 13 and my mother who is 92 and every age in between. I am extremely proud to represent KOKOON clothing for almost 10 years" Ann said.