KOKOON Client Highlight -- Kimber Schnepf

Meet Kim Schnepf! Our fabulous client for over 10 years. See our interview below!


KOKOON: How were you introduced to KOKOON?

KS:  I was introduced to KOKOON while sitting at our son’s baseball games with a very stylish Laine Weinberg. I became a huge fan of the clothes. They are stylish, comfortable and affordable.

KOKOON: What is one KOKOON piece you can’t live with out?

KS: That is hard to answer as there are many pieces I can’t live with out. I have a couple skirts that I wear frequently. I am also a huge fan of the leggings in winter and the long summer sun dresses. I travel a lot and KOKOON is perfect for travel as most of the fabrics are very resistant to wrinkles.

KOKOON: What do you do for work/fun?

KS: I am a veterinarian and love to dress nice at work yet need clothing that is non restrictive and easy to wash. KOKOON fits that perfectly. 

KOKOON: How does KOKOON fit into your life?

KS: I have a casual lifestyle but want to look fashionable. KOKOON can be dressed up or down which fits my lifestyle perfectly.

KOKOON: How would you describe your style in a few words?

KS: I would say my style is casual chic. I like flowy not frilly. 


KOKOON: What is your average day like?

KS: An average week day is spent at work anywhere from 5 to 9 hours depending on the day. Then a yoga class at night. In nice weather it also includes a walk or bike ride. 

KOKOON: What do you look for when shopping/in fashion?

KS:  I look for pieces that fit my style aesthetic and are comfortable and well made. Fabrics that will hold up to an active life yet are cute!

KOKOON: Coffee or tea? Brown or black? Ivory or white? Early mornings or late nights?

KS: Coffee as soon as I wake up!! Herbal tea the rest of the day. Brown. Ivory. Neither- I am a middle of the day girl!


Thank you so much to Kim for sharing her KOKOON journey!