Welcome! And a look Behind the Seams

Welcome to the home of our brand new blog! (You can still visit our former posts  here.)

Since we just launched our Spring 2015 collection, I thought a look behind the seams at our spring photo shoot would be a great way to kickoff our new beginning.

I'm really in love with these images, and part of my attachment is because we were able to do the entire shoot in our newly-built home. The whole journey of building a home is something I had wanted to share with you, but we really had issues and I never felt I could post publicly. It's a long story and I will tell you about it someday, a well as go back and walk you through the design of it, but for today I'll keep it about the making of the pretty pictures. ;-)


If you don't already know, this is my favorite dress of all time. The Black Widow Baby. Super limited, cut to order only, and it's my 50th Birthday Dress...so lovely.

My part in photo shoots involves a lot of fussing and tugging and getting my backside shot as our photographer tests her settings.


Our photographer, our amazing photographer...I love her so much. 
You should hire her. Melissa Louise Photography.
We actually met her about 6 years ago when she did Tess' senior photos. We were so impressed Dik-San said we need to hire her for our company. And she still does senior photos!
Our model hired her the next day for her engagement photos :-)



Laine Sou